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Vanda coerulea “The Blue Vanda”

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      Vanda coerulea commonly known as ” The Blue Vanda“  (In Thailand called “Fah-Mui“) , is an orchid species. It is a medium to large sized vanda, cold to cool growing, monopodial epiphyte that is found in India, Burma and Thailand. Vanda coerulea has very stout stems carrying coriaceous, ligulate, distichous, conduplicate, obliquely tridentate apically leaves and blooms in the fallon an axillary, erect or suberect, 2′ [60 cm] long, laxly few to several flowered inflorescence with long-lasting flowers.

In Thailand, growing Vanda coerulea is very easy and grow very fast because the climate here is good for this orchid. But you have not to worry about that if you want to grow Vanda coerulea at your home (NOT THAILAND), you can grow Vanda coerulea if you know about this orchid enough. I want to share my experience for growing Vanda coerulea at my home for everyone who interested to grow this orchid. I planted my Vanda coerulea in a plastic basket with no any mediums because Vanda coerulea is an air grown orchid. So,we can plant it with no mediums or if you worry the plant will die,you can put some sphagnum moss or coconut husk chips in a basket to keep a moisture. Watering twice per day (depending on climates) and fertilizing once per week by use fertilizer 21-21-21 and use 16-21-27 before flowering season. It is very easy! Do not worry to begin growing orchids!

Vanda coerulea has many colours, white (alba), pale blue (semi alba), blue and pink with tessellations. The prominent point of Vanda coerulea is a stud plant that usually used as pod parent or pollen parent for many of hybrids with “blue” or bluish” colours for the Vandas, Mokaras, Vascostylis, and Aranda genus and crossings.

There are Vanda coerulea in my farm.

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