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Phalaenopsis orchids in home

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Many people like to grow orchids in their home and most of us know that phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most popular orchids to grow in home because phalaenopsis orchids are easy to grow and look after.

I think every home in every country have
appropriate place to grow fantastic orchids like phalaenopsis orchids but you
have to find the right place for your phalaenopsis orchids by yourself.

If you want to find the right place for your phalaenopsis orchids, You have to
know about their nature. You should learn about the things that your orchids want
because this knowledge can help you to provide them the appropriate and sufficient
conditions. Learn more about phalaenopsis orchids

If you are orchids’ lover, you should know about appropriate factors for
orchids. Orchids need light, temperature, humidity, water and fertilize. So, when
you find the place for growing your orchids, you must concern about light, temperature
and humidity.

LIGHT: It is very easy to provide some light to phalaenopsis orchids because phalaenopsis
orchids like low light. So, you can place them near a window that have indirect
light. You can place it near your east, south , west window or everywhere that
you want but you have to remember that direct sunlight can kill your phalaenopsis
orchids. If you have to place your phalaenopsis orchids near a sunny window, don’t
forget to make a shade for your phalaenopsis orchids by curtain( It can help a

It is very important to provide some appropriate light to your phalaenopsis orchids
and it is a good idea to plant in a room that have window but if you have to place
them in the place that don’t have window, you can provide them with artificial
lighting(but for me I don’t recommended this way, however If you try to
choose this way you have to learn more about this process because most orchids
will grow better with sunlight)

TEMPERATURES: phalaenopsis orchids like warm temperatures. So it should not
to cold in the winter. The acceptable minimum temperatures is 55° F and
the maximum is 95° F

HUMIDITY: phalaenopsis orchids can grow well in the place that have high humidity
and the recommended humidity between 50 and 80 percent. The way that can help
you to increase the humidity is easy. You should use humidity trays.Just put
some pebbles in the tray and add some water. Now, just place phalaenopsis orchids
on a humidity tray but you should remember that your phalaenopsis orchids must
standing above the water.

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